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​We provide services at Volusia, Flagler & St. Johns counties


Marine Services

Discover a new level of comfort and style with our Marine Services, featuring Boat Upholstery, Cushions, Covers, and Enclosure solutions. Elevate your boating experience with expert craftsmanship and tailored marine-grade materials that redefine the aesthetics of your vessel. At Alpha Marine Upholstery, we bring a touch of sophistication to every nautical journey.

  • Boat Upholstery / Cushions / Covers / Enclosure

  • Boat House Shade / Seats

  • Custom Marine Upholstery

  • Boat Interior Restoration

  • Yacht Interior Design

  • Yacht Canvas / Upholstery

  • Sunshade Cover

  • Upholstered Wall Panels

  • Foam Replacement

  • Luxury Boat & Yacht Interiors

  • Boat Carpeting and Flooring

GET IN TOUCH    386-276-0294  |  YTAR777@GMAIL.COM

Outdoor & Exterior

Explore our full list of outdoor and exterior services. Transform your outdoor spaces with style with new exterior upholstery, Elevate your comfort with outdoor furniture, and enjoy the shade in style with sunshade boat house and boat house enclosure solutions. For lasting comfort, explore our foam replacement service. At Alpha Marine Upholstery, we redefine your outdoor experience with creativity and quality craftsmanship.

  • Exterior Upholstery

  • Outdoor Furniture

  • Outdoor Furniture Upholstery

  • Sunshade boat house

  • Boat house enclosure

  • Foam Replacement


Vehicle Upholstery

Revitalize your journeys with our Vehicle Upholstery services, tailored for every mode of transport. From the sophistication of Aircraft Upholstery to the rugged comfort of ATV Upholstery, we ensure a seamless blend of style and durability. Elevate your road trips with expertly crafted RV Upholstery and Mobile Home services. For vintage enthusiasts, our Classic Car Upholstery adds a touch of timeless elegance to your ride. At Alpha Marine Upholstery, we redefine vehicle interiors with a commitment to quality craftsmanship and personalized design.

  • Aircraft Upholstery

  • ATV Upholstery

  • RV Upholstery

  • Mobile Home

  • Classic Car Upholstery

  • Car Seats


GET IN TOUCH    386-276-0294  |  YTAR777@GMAIL.COM

General Upholstery

Transform your spaces from the sleek touch of Commercial Upholstery to the personalized charm of Furniture Upholstery. Renew cherished pieces with our Re-Upholstery service, ensuring a seamless blend of style and functionality. At Alpha Marine Upholstery, we bring creativity and craftsmanship to elevate every space.

  • Commercial Upholstery

  • Furniture Upholstery

  • Re-Upholstery

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